Simple Christmas...the card edition

My friend Shelli (a blogger, but an actual real-life friend, too) posted about Shutterfly's holiday cards.  Honestly, I figured I wasn't going to do holiday cards this year, primarily I don't have time to design them myself this year, and I've seen a lot of companies out there with designs that are a little bit...well, not cool.  But then I checked out her links to Shutterfly, and I was truly impressed. I love their holiday card designs! A couple that I'm considering are...

...this one and this one.

I also like the idea that they have Livestrong and American Lung Association cards. A portion of the proceeds for these go to the organization.

This year, we haven't been intentional about taking photos of our whole family.  There are only three of us; it shouldn't be too difficult---you would think. But here we are...without a group photo.  Looks like we're going to have to go with the "multiple photos of the cute 2-year-old" look!  Fortunately with collage designs, this will look really good (and not like I failed to plan! ha ha).

If you've never signed up for Shutterfly, sign up and get 50 free prints.  Oh, and bloggers: you can even get 50 free holiday cards.  Feel free to share this link:

Here's to simplifying the holidays!!

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