Simple Christmas...the cookie edition

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A short hiatus from the blog recently...but I'm back and thinking about Christmas!  Perhaps it's the hundred bulbs I just replaced on our prelit tree (to no avail), but I'm very interested in keeping things simple this year.  The first thing to go: unnecessary cookie baking! [...]
Now, hear me out...I love Christmas cookies more than most people.  But I just can't bring myself to make boxes of beautiful cookies that we've delivered to friends as in years past.

A friend of mine gave this advice: ask your family members what their favorite cookie is...that just might narrow it down to a couple of varieties! I can think of a few types that I never eat, and wouldn't notice if they disappeared.

I also have a friend who gets together for an entire weekend with a large group of friends, and bakes dozens of different kinds. And other friends exchange cookies.  This still cuts down on your baking.

If you love baking, go for it!  Bake every day from now til Christmas Eve. But if not...there's no shame in keeping it simple.

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