Reusable Shopping Bag Re-do

Earlier this year, we went to our local Target store's Read Across America day. In addition to Dr. Seuss storytime, there were some cute goody bags that were essentially reusable shopping bags. When my son began insisting on carrying multiple Thomas trains along with us, I started looking for a little bag he could use. A tiny paper gift bag lasted for one day.  And then I found this red bag, just sitting there with no purpose in its lonely little life. [...]
Step 1: Estimate desired size.
We had just discovered that our son's trick-or-treat bag was the exact length between his hand and the ground. Not good for that particular bag (my homemade felt bag picked up a lot of leaves), but it was a useful indicator: this little bag needed to be about three inches shorter than that.

Step 2: Deconstruct.
I removed the handles with a seam ripper, and chopped off the top of the bag. I didn't worry too much about measuring, because if this ended up being a little too small, it wouldn't matter.

Step 3: Fold and pin.
I turned the bag inside out, folded the cut edge over twice (more rolled than folded), and pinned it in place. Then I pinned the handles back in place. I think the handles were originally sewed on the outside and they ended up on the inside, but this really doesn't matter.  A two-year-old is going to be dragging it around.

Step 4: Sew.
I couldn't believe I actually had red thread! Wonder where that came from? I sewed along the folded seam, cut the thread at the end, and that was it.  Neatness does not matter: lumps, crooked seams, and uneven anything is acceptable! The little guy used it the very next day.

Reusable Sandwich Bags  – (October 22, 2011 at 3:14 AM)  

It is better to use like this reusable bags to have less plastic usage.

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