Grown-Up Art Supplies are Cool

I realize now that my childhood interest in art may have been more intense than that of the average child. But early on, a new box of still-sharp Crayola crayons (the 64 box, especially) was one of life's greatest joys. Later, I moved on to Prismacolor pencils and markers. I had no idea that my art supplies would be such a thrill for my 2-1/2-year-old.
Architecture studio in college required the purchase of a wide array of art supplies, only some of which have survived the intervening years. My pricey markers dried up long ago. But my pencils were tucked away in a drawer, forgotten, until it struck me that my toddler might like to play with them. What kid doesn't like a giant box of....anything?

The dumping and arranging of the pencils was a bigger thrill than creating art, of course. And the stand-up box was pretty fun for him, too. 

We set up a special spot for him on the living room floor (with a floor chair and lap desk), and he stayed there for a very long time. More and more, I consider an activity successful when it keeps his attention for 30 minutes at a time. (I did, after all, just become self-employed and currently have no childcare. Do the math on that one!) 

The variety of colors made for some more interesting artwork than usual, too. He just kept on layering the color. His current artistic method involves lots of overlapping of circles.

Art supplies designed for grownups are just cooler for kids, in some ways.  The quality, the number of pencils in a set, the look of the least for my son, this is such a special treat that he'll do anything for a promised reward of "playing with pencils" later.  Even take a nap. 

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