Simple Christmas...the tree edition

I love decorating the Christmas tree.  We turn on the all-Christmas-music radio station, pull out the decorations from storage, and get to work.  It's a fun evening that we were excited to share for the first time with our 2-year-old. It didn't quite work out that way this time, however.
There had been some burned out bulbs that caused a cascading effect of burnouts. HUNDREDS of bulb replacements later, we still had large areas on our pre-lit tree that were dark. Not to be deterred, I added some regular strands of lights and carried on.

I once made an effort to create a unique, color-coordinated tree each year.  This year, by the time I'd replaced all those bulbs, I didn't care so much about the tree's appearance.  And perhaps that's a very good thing (apologies to Martha Stewart). Caring less about being impressive and and more about enjoying the tree is a good lesson for all things Christmas-related.

I decorated all I could before I went to bed that night, and the next morning, my son got his first awestruck glimpse at the tree. It was half-decorated, and I let him do the rest (the bottom two feet).

It thrilled him to no end to pick branches and hang ornaments. He ended up hanging them all in one small area, which looks rather silly, but it's where he wanted them to be.

So I'm leaving them.  And I love it.

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