Put those toddlers to work! (thank you notes)

After our recent (2nd) birthday party, we had some thank-you notes to send.  I'm not sure when he'll be able to write his own, but not for a loooong time.  Can't even write his name yet.  BUT, he sure can sling a paintbrush!  [...]

We had some Crayola paintbrushes (the kind with paint inside that you dip in water, and paint on regular paper---not the special Color Wonder paper), and some plain white notecards that came from a craft store. They were a remnant from the days when I planned to hand-make all my own cards.  But I don't think they were expensive---$10 for a fairly large package.  So when E said, "I want to paint!" I just gave him a bunch of notecards instead of his coloring book.  I had to hold the cards in place, but they turned out pretty well!  Now I'm regretting not taking pictures of all of them.  Some could have passed for professional, abstract watercolor notecards! But I put his name and age on the back, just so the grandmas and aunts would know.

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