Diaper Box Fire Truck

There are few things that kids like more than cardboard boxes. Often they'll open a gift and seem to enjoy the box more than the toy inside. A box is a blank canvas; it inspires the imagination. The possibilities are endless.
This is a giant Target-brand diaper box. My 4-year-old is a little too big to actually sit in the box (though he tried); it would be the perfect size for a toddler vehicle. So we left the bottom open instead of the top, since he wouldn't be sitting inside. I rounded up all the red paper in the house, and we used it all.

I had to let go of my desire for perfection---he wanted to help, and I let him. Therefore, there is a LOT of tape on this thing. But he was so proud of it, and his teddy bear rode around on this thing for weeks.  Find a cardboard box, and have some fun!

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