Birthday Surprises!

Even though we already had his birthday party, birthdays are a big deal in my family---the actual day. The birthday kid gets to decide what we do that day, what we eat for dinner, and so on. Today, on top of all of that, I found a fabulous deal at Toys R Us and my 4-year-old got a completely unexpected extra gift: a gigantic wood train set. Isn't it great when things work out? Especially on your birthday?

His choice for what to do today:

Sprinkle donuts! 

Use his Toys R Us "birthday club" coupon...

Which, combined with a great sale and coupon, meant we got an $80 wood train set (that connects with all of his Thomas stuff) for $24. That is about the cost of a couple of Thomas trains. Even though I wasn't planning on this purchase, I've been keeping an eye out on Craigslist (with no luck) for wood tracks, bridges, switch tracks, etc., all of which came in this set. Plus it has an elevator and a battery-powered train. He is SO thrilled.

Later on today's agenda: dinner of quesadillas, broccoli, and bananas.  And cupcakes.  Of course. Happy birthday, buddy! 

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