Another Benefit of Hand-me-downs

Everyone says that my two boys look a lot alike; even more so when they're wearing exactly the same outfit! 
I haven't been planning this for the past 3 years (I keep hand-me-down clothes because I'm frugal), but today when I put this outfit on the little guy, I remembered that I'd taken a bunch of photos one day of my older son while he was wearing this. So, I plopped him in the same spot in our living room, and took a series of photos wearing the same thing. It turned out so well that I might have to print and frame this for the grandparents!

So, take a moment and flip through some old photos from when your older child was the same age that your younger child is now. Take a photo in the same place, wearing the same outfit, with the same expression on their face... I'm so glad that I did. 

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