Too Tired to be Creative...and It's OK

Lately I've been reading some blog posts like "101 things to do with your toddler" and "101 things to do with your preschooler," and feeling pretty lame because I don't have the energy to try many of the things I'd like to.  But I have to cut myself some's hot outside, I'm still trying to wrap up projects for my freelance business, and I'm having a baby in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.  [...]
I've had other mom friends tell me that they just don't have time to make up fun things to do with their kids, because they're running so fast, and they're tired. Believe me, I get it. And if you can figure out a way to slow down and give yourself a break, I'm all for it.

But don't guilt yourself over turning on some PBS Kids just so you can take a shower, finish a cleaning task, or whatever.  

I am paying dearly for the privilege of some free time, however: my son initially acquired a daily morning TV habit while he was sick for more than a week. He was cranky and lethargic. Then I got sick, and I was cranky and lethargic, so the TV viewing continued. And then we had to attempt to get back to a normal routine....and he learned how to climb out of his crib, so we transitioned to a big-boy bed. So then he stopped sleeping well, and he's...cranky and lethargic.

Whenever we turn the TV off, even if it's to go do something fun, he protests. I get a very angry kid for a little while. But do I regret giving him a regular dose of Sesame Street and Word World?  HECK NO!  I would have lost my mind this month without it. 

It may not be the most creative solution to keeping my kid occupied, but for right now, it's how we roll around here. I am NINE months pregnant after all.

And you should cut yourself some slack, too. 

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