Baking With My Kid

One of my favorite blogs is Cooking With My Kid. The author had undertaken a journey of learning to cook from scratch, at home, and shares amazing recipes and photos. We are doing this mostly because we want to save money, but finding new recipes and homemade foods that my kiddo will like has been a (mostly) fun adventure.
The process of making cookies has been a fun activity for us, as long as I have the patience for extra cleanup, and the occasional bit of grossness (once my son sneezed into the mixing bowl while stirring...ick). It takes twice as long as usual and dirties twice as many bowls and utensils. But he loves it.

I pre-measure a bunch of things so he can dump and stir. This keeps him occupied for quite a while. He doesn't ever want to squish his fingers into things to mix, so he spends forever maneuvering a giant wooden spoon.

I cut our favorite oatmeal chocolate chip recipe in half, so that we wouldn't have quite so many cookies sitting around the house (now that I'm home all day, every day, I have zero willpower for snacks like this). After I let him add the chocolate chips, I finish up the cookies and let him eat a few chocolate chips. And then there's his face when the cookies are done...

It's been so much fun to bake together...I can't wait til he's older and able to participate in even more cooking tasks!

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